Done dating him?

Would you guys stop dating someone you went out with 1 time and who didn't talk to you for weeks and suddenly talked and was like lets do something again and apologized for being so busy

but again he is gone why does he talk to me like once a week...ughh..


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  • Hello,

    I would ask myself this question, has this person made you interested.. if the answer is yes and you are interested in seeing him again then you should..

    theres a good chance he was busy.. like you said youve only met him for 1 date, like everyone else he has a life to live and a job to do..

    I would just enjoy the fact this person is giving you space. most guys don't and rush into things which just leaves the women bitter and sufficated by him..

    Hope that helps..

    Good Luck



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  • It could be he doesn't want to seem too eager, or he wants to seem mysterious, or make you anxious.