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so i've been in relationship with this guy it has been a year now , and we've been in a lot of up and downs , we even broke up twice this year but we always go back , and we broke up for the same reason , and it's not me the one who broke up it's him , he's just so weird and i really love him like i adore him , i can't let him no matter how much i tired , somtimes he just stops talking like we talk great and then he just stops talking and texting and answering his phone , and when i talk to him and try to undrestand what's happening he just shut me down like he runs away and tell me that he can't do this anymore he's tired... blah blah and then after awhile i talk to him again and we go back like we were , but i'm so tired too , like i get nervous and stressed and start to panic everytime he stops talking i'm scared to do all of this break up thing again , but in the same time i don't want to be this weak , i don't want to panic or get nervous... i'm a clear personne i always say what's in my heart , good or bad , but now he stoped talking again , and i don't know what to do , like should i go and ask him but i'm scared to put pessure on him and just make him wanna run away , i really want to understand him and understand what he wants... but i feel like i'm paralyzed... i hate this , ! please help me , what should i do?


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  • Sometimes guys have different reasons to go into their cave. He might be in love with someone else who he is still hung up on. He might have some personal issues he have to deal alone. Or it might be something with you. If he is breaking up again and again. It is better to just let go and stop the pain. Maybe it is to deal with you or something else. Thing is if he don't want to share his problems with you he doesn't trust you that much or love you at the level that you love him. In the end do what it heart says but think of is it worth it. If it is go for it.

  • It's like me on my girl. Try not to make up with him. For months, tell him there's someone who you are meeting or you have someone you need but not him after those months. I think he will realise what he have lost. I am suffering from her right now because of that


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  • He doesn't value the relationship. He's stringing you along, ditching you, and returning when he gets bored or lonely. He's not being "weird" by ignoring you and popping back up when it suits him.. he's simply being selfish. If he's "running away" as you phrased it, then let him go. Or you can spend your time and energy chasing after a guy who regularly ditches and ghosts you for no good reason. It's obvious he's not that into you, it sucks but you should go find someone who's actually worth your effort.


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