I don't know what to do with the girl I like?

Hi everyone, my case is kind of special, im actually in collage and there is in my class a really pretty girl that likes me so much.
I asked her out 2 months ago and she accepted and gave me her number, afterwards when i asked again through the phone she said that she ended up a relationship few time ago and she didn't know if she was able to meet someone as i wanted, but she also said that if i wanted we could meet.

After this i decided to not insist and in the past weeks i noticed that she looks at me a lot, not only she but also the friends that are always around her.

She holds me the gaze but i don't know what to do, i don't want to stare at here and seem creepy.

Just to point out, last week we were sit almost next to each other and i stared at other girl that was in front of us, i noticed that she stared at me and afterwards to the girl several times back to back.

What is going on in his mind? should i ask her out again?


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