Had an awesome date with girl, great vibes, but now some problems occured. She delays second date because of family problems. What to do?


I am a 16 years old guy with not so much experiences in dating. However, I met a girl on one dating site and we immediately started chatting. Then I added her on Facebook, we talked for a while and then I encouraged myself to ask her out. She lives in the next city, 40 kilometres/26 miles away from me. So I hopped on a train and went to see her. We enjoyed an awesome date! It was 2 hours longer than we expected, the vibe was great (long stares into each others eyes, holding hands for a while, sharing same interests, conversation flowing,...) and she even suggested to go home with her (it was already evening)!

Anyway, I felt great. However, after days of little chat, we suggested second date and talked about the previous one and how we enjoyed it. But three days before the second date, some problems occured. She told me she has some unexpected serious family problems (because of her parents) and she's not sure when she's available and ready. I replied that it's okay, I can wait and if anything, I am there for her. She thanked me and it's been two days and we haven't talked yet.

And back to my question - how should I react? I have a strong feelings for her already and I am not sure if to move on and let it be, to wait or ask her about further details. In real life, the vibes were clear, but now I am really confused. What should I do? Do you personally think she's interested? Isn't it only an excuse?

Thanks a lot! I am really new to all of this and I don't want to play any stupid games with her. My intentions were clear and her too. But now things are kinda complicated. Looking forward to all the answers, advices and suggestions!


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  • She's having family issues. You're just some dude she went out with once. Yes, family would come befor you.


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