Liking selfies of other girls?

My boyfriend keeps on liking selfies of other girls ( always the same ones) and now I even noticed him liking pictures that are a few month old.
Why does he do that?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Well, are the girls your average everyday girls? Or are they models, cosplayers, or anything similar?

    • If they were models or sth I wouldn't mind, they are girls that live in our area but that he's not friends with

    • Hmm. If it bothers you, you could kindly ask (and I say kindly so it doesn't feel like an outright accusation) him to stop? If it persists, or if he gets defensive about you asking him to stop, try and milk him of answers?

    • I don't exactly give the best advice because I'm one who'd confront the issue upfront, ya know? That method doesn't exactly sit well with everyone, though 😅

What Girls Said 2

  • Who care? It's just a like at the end of the day. Social media is ruining relationships over stupid things like this. He's with you and not them, just remember that.

  • Are your selfie skills sub-par?


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