Purpose or not?

hi guys,

my boyfriend always ends up in the hospital while we fight and his reason isn't even valid. does he do it on purpose to get my attention?


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  • well unless your attacking him with a bat or something yeah he is just ding it for attention , there is no reason for a hospital trip unless your just really vicious lol which would have me asking why would he fuck with you? lol

    • he doesn't give me time and when im giving him time he's off with his friends and when I tell him how i feel he blames me and ends up in the hospital otherwise he's never there like...

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    • thank u for ur wonderful advice I appreciate it!!

    • your welcome

What Girls Said 1

  • Unless you're actually being violent to him, then ya it's probably just for attention.

    • m not being violent i asked for his time and he went off with his friends then blamed me saying I'm not giving time

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    • True. thank u girl

    • No problem!

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