Abusive relationship?

what are the signs of a mentally abusive relationship?


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  • I agree with pretty much everything that has been said here and since I have been in one I would add that these are the more or less subtle yet typical signs:

    1) When you feel like you cannot speak your mind freely and overthink about how you can formulate an idea so that it won't be misunderstood and they don't get mad at you.
    To me that was the main indicator though I only realized months later that they were just looking for excuses to start an argument and insult me and whatnot.

    2) When an excuse over the same thing is repeated more than once.
    I got dozens of apologies, if not more than a hundred from my ex while we were still together. No matter how sincere they sound, if they repeat it they weren't really "sorry" in the first place.

    3) When they justify their evil actions by bringing to the forth whatever misfortune they have gone through or are going through.
    I was told so many times of their "rough past" and depression and so on and so forth. Though feeling pain is not a legitimate excuse for mistreating others. There's no legitimate excuse for that.

    These were the main things but I think it's important to also keep in mind that you always enter in an abusive relationship slowly and without even realizing it because the abuse at first is very subtle.


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  • Putting u down, name calling

  • i love this shit.


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  • -Insulting you, your intelligence
    -Accusing you of being unfaithful, lying, manipulating
    -Does not allow you to see family or friends whenever you want
    -Controls how you eat, what you wear without asking if you're okay with it
    -Nothing you do seems to make him happy
    -Everything is your fault, even if it's out of your control
    -Shakes you, grabs you, and occasionally hits you beneath the neck when he yells
    -Calls you ungrateful, or points out things he does for you that you seem to never thank him for

    • I suffered years of emotional (mental) abuse and it's hard to realise you never deserved any of it

  • 1. Putting you down and insulting you
    2. Overly jealous
    3. Controlling
    4. Manipulative
    5. Doesn't want you with other people besides them (even your family)

    Hope that helps! If you need examples on one of those let me know.