Before or after vacation? I'm going to ask her out but I'm going on vacation should I ask her before or after?

Hi so I'm set on asking this girl out she's really cool and beautiful as a bonus. I want to know if it's better to wait until after vacation to ask her. I would only be home for 2 weeks before leaving for 8 days. I just feel like when I get back it could be a little awkward. What are your thoughts? Thanks :)


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  • After!


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  • "hey let's go out, by the way I'll be going on a vacation and won't see you for awhile" I would wait if there is something there 8 days won't make a difference on telling her but telling her then bailing for 8 days can possibly look bad

    • That was basically where I was at with it. Just wasn't completely sure. I'll take that time to just talk to her in class some more. Thank you!

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