What do you think about this girl?

Tessa is a 19 years old girl, she's sentimental but rarely shows it, she writes and dances alone, she loves walking and running in the rain, she believes in romance but still can be practical and down to earth.
Usually she falls in love with guys who are heart broken and sad, she sees them as people who need a help and healing, she cures and heals them, comforts them emotionally and when she's done she just leaves. She thinks there's nothing permanent in the world, nothing, including love... So It's better to leave when you still care then remember each other in a bad way. She hopes that some day she meets a man who'll prove that she was wrong.

Tessa is attractive girl but she's not the very first choice of the guys. Men get interested in her at first but their interest doesn't last long. They prefer vibrant and easy girls, who don't see the need to have deep conversations. Tessa loves deep conversations, she finds it hard to find a guy who will fully understand how good she is. She can be sweet and adventurous, she's playful but not teasing. She doesn't like mind games, prefers to show her feelings from the very start...

What do you think about her?
Guys, could you fall in love with her?
Girls, what can be cause of her failure in love?


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  • I would very much like to meet Tessa, even if I'm a little bit old for her. :)

    • What do you like in her?

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    • All I can say is you should never change. Too few of your kind exist. There was a time I would've killed for a woman like you. You'll find someone good when you least expect it and the search is just getting started. As for me, I don't think even the wonderful Tessa could fix this one.

    • Thanks for your words :)
      I am sorry to hear that. Would you like to share why is not it possible to fix?

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