Why would a guy tell you he wants to take things slow but he doesn't want me to date anyone else?

But he's liking every other girl's IG photos? Isn't that selfish of him to want to keep me for himself?


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  • Oh man he likeing photos how dare he. I think you are over reacting, if he was talking to other girls I could see your point, but nothing is wrong of just liking other girls pictures.

    • Well he's commenting heart eyes and doing mass likes of multiple girls photos. See, I don't mind dating casually, but he says he doesn't want me dating anyone else. That's what got me messed up.

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    • I did bring it up, but I didn't accuse him of liking other girl's photos Because that would just imply that I've been lurking on his IG. I just asked him if he was talking to any other girl's on IG and how I felt uncomfortable about him liking their pictures. He said he wanted to talk to me and he only wanted me to date him because he felt insecure about other guys hitting me up. He still likes their photos. I'm just gonna ghost him.

    • well you told him and he still does it that means he doesn't respect what you don't want him doing so why should you respect his? I would tell him to stop doing it one last time and if he still does it after that you should give him a taste of his own medicine and talk to other guys.

  • You can't be this dumb. He only wants you as a side thing to occasionally fuck and he has several on the side. What do you think of him now?

    • But why would he say he doesn't want me to date anyone else?

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    • I just did. He sees you as an object to be taken off the shelf and played with at his will and put you back on the shelf with his other playthings till he wants to play with you again. You're nothing but his property not a person

    • There you go. thank you.

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