What would get a girl to make you want to go from just hooking up to dating?

Ok so I have been talking to a guy for a few weeks. We went out on a first date and there was instant chemistry.. both made each other laugh and had a lot in common he paid for everything and was just very sweet. We've hung out since and it's the same thing.. like I said lots of laughing and having good conversations. The sex we've had is amazing and I know he agrees. Now, normally I can read a guy right away as to whether we're just gonna hook up or if he likes me, but I can't read this guy. Sometimes it seems like he really likes me, but then I also sometimes get the vibe that he just wants to mess around. So I guess my question is if you were in this guy's situation, what is something I could do to make you want to take the next step, or what is something I could do to make him not want to. Thanks in advance!


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  • I don't get it what u meant here by hookup?

    U got me very confusing?

    Did u mean escort?

    If u meant a fixed date from friends then it's normal.

    If u meant a site dating thing also normal.

    If u meant these sites ( like dating to get laid very close to escort stuff ) then :/ it's a bit complicated so need to know what u meant by hookup?

    Is it like random guy u happen to have 1 night stand with?

    • No it's not a one time stand type of thing. I'm not even sure what you're talking about with the whole escort thing. We go out/hang out and talk pretty much every day.

    • So u mean ur relationship is just sex?
      Read ur question.

      Just holding up to dating?

      Then u say now u o out and talk and hangout..! Then that is a friend with benefit? Why didn't say that question ?
      Otherwise it will be dating nothing else and I don't see what is ur question at all

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  • I can't say for sure, I wouldn't be dating a hookup.

    • So you're saying you wouldn't date someone that you hooked up with before dating?

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    • I dunno why Drakel answered in my place but, my answer is the same, yes. I wouldn't be dating a hookup.

    • Oh my bad lol.

  • she's super cool and chill

  • I wouldn't date her.

    • So you're saying you wouldn't date someone you hooked up with before dating?

    • No I wouldn't date her.

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