How can I help break this cycle?

I've been talking to this guy for around 5 months now and we're just now starting to get comfortable with our feelings and he's made his relatively known to me and very known to his friends. We talk everyday when we have time, seeing as we're both college students. He would always initiate conversation but I let him because I just assumed he was busy so I waited on him. Lately, I've only heard from him a couple times a day in the evening and they've been short and broken conversations. We used to have actual conversations but it seems like around the time feelings started to come out the conversations diminished. I don't know if he's got cold feet or maybe we're running out of things to talk about and don't want to play 20 questions? Or is he just plain getting tired of initiating contact? What can I do to get out of this rough patch?


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  • I think he's not interested


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