Girls, I got the guy, but I'm still shy AF is this a normal thing?

Known this guy for about 5 years now. I met him first year of college -- he was in the same program as me, but a year above me. I kind of always had a thing for him, but never really did anything about it -- I was a little shy. We kept in light touch during school, then he graduated and didn't see him again -- until I learned that we would be working at the same clinic together. After casually flirting with him, well I finally got him. I'm ecstatic. I'm not sure where this is going (It's only been about two weeks.) but for now I'm enjoying my time with him -- except I'm still shy AF around him. I don't know why really. Is this like a normal thing when you first start seeing someone?


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  • To me, it seems like you are shy because you have never really gone that far with him amd haven't spoken much. i would say its normal because you are barely dating and you dont really know how to act ( you don't want to do something that's a turn off ). Hope this helps a bit


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