What are we (me and my crush)?

We see each other every day, text a lot, cuddle when we are sitting somewhere together which is most of the time, hug a lot, he tells me compliments, that he will do everything for me, how much he values me and etc. We hooked up once when we were drunk, he told me that he loves me then, then another time he got drunk again and told me that he loves but but is not brave enough to tell me when he is sober. I don't what are we, definetly not just friends, but not a couple either. People often ask us this question and both of us avoid answering them.
By the way, I am a girl,17, soon 18 years old.
He also bought me flowers for Saint Valentine and Woman's day and often buys me little things.
He also calls me sweety most if the time


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What Guys Said 1

  • Loool from what your saying it seems like you guys are actually a couple.. I think you should really have a conversation with him about this.. When he's sober, most likely he's scared to tell you that he wants you as his girlfriend.. The big clue is when he's drunk.. Thats really when the truth comes out lool.. if he says he loves you while he's drunk there's a strong chance he really does.. so dont waste anymore time


What Girls Said 1

  • You should ask him. I don't think anyone on here can define your relationship for you.


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