Would you rather be comforted with a lie or hurt with the truth?

I've been back at the dating game for two years now and maybe I'm old school but I must of missed the "give an excuse to never see them again" memo.

If I'm not interested by the end of the date I will tell the truth, " you're a great person and I had fun but I don't feel this going anywhere, I hope you do find somebody". I've had people do it to me and while it did hurt it was only a few hours and moved on with my life to the next date.

Lately I've seen people been given lame but valid sounding excuses to why a second or third date isn't happening (myself included)
"Sorry I'm really busy at work, I'll contact you soon"
"I've got a lot on the next couple of weeks, I'll message you when I'm free" etc.
People just been left hanging there that a possibility is happening, only to have time go by and realise that it isn't happening.

Would you rather someone tell you straight out they aren't interested or give an excuse not to see you til you get the message?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I've had something happen recently to me in which a girl I was talking to was lying to me saying that she had a nice time when we met but then not replying for a while, it's so much easier and nicer with the truth as you are not playing with the other person's emotions


Most Helpful Girl

  • Truth. If it's not going anywhere, it could be multiple things, not just that I'm not good enough. Sometimes people just aren't meant to be.


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What Guys Said 1

  • a lie can hurt a lot more in the long run. a harsh truth is a wound that will heal quickly but a lie is like a sickness that rages beneath the surface.


What Girls Said 2

  • I'm a very sensitive person secretly, so I would feel sad but know later on that it was a better thing for someone to have said to me

  • I have no problems with white lies


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