Am I crazy for thinking my professor likes me?

He acts differently towards me, and he gets all nervous. I even saw his pupils dilate when he was talking to me. He is not married. I do not want to pursue anything I just sometimes feel crazy thinking that a professor could like him/her students.


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  • No o think he wants to bang the shit out of you


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  • My opinion is... Keep back, whatever the case, likes you or not, do nothing. If you think that he likes you, keep back. Remember, if either of you take action, he will probably lose his job and be accused as a sex offender or something.
    Always respect him as a teacher and be nice to him, but keep the relationship strictly professional. He may just prefer you because you are an intelligent student and not attracted to you sexually. And about the pupils dilating... Don't rely on that very much, it depends on the lighting, and if he came very close, it is normal that they may dilate a bit. If he never made a move or touched you, then you are fine.
    He may like you, but it would be stupid of him to take action - can't ignore that possibility.


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  • Here we go. Another one getting her panties all crinkled up over some fart of a professor


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  • I know a professor (1 of his 3 careers, I work with him outside of the school) and he actually talks about "buttering up" the girls he wants to hook up with when classes arw over... he says he "bangs the shit out of these clueless young chicks" then dumps them. it happens. up to you what you do about it, but realize you're probably not the the 1st or the last...

    • Thank you so much for this advice! I don't anticipate my entering into a relationship with him, but I really appreciate the insight because I believe it will help me be much more careful and guarded around him.

    • Omg.. And how old is this professor? And how old are the students? :o

    • he is 34 and the students range in age... he sleeps with anyone

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