Can you date someone for few months without any feelings?

This guy told me that he dated his ex for 2 or 3 months and he didn't have any feelings for her. He was attracted to her but as months go by, he felt like she's using him for money as she never paid for any dates and never even offered to pay, and she would tell him to drive to hers to get her things. He would tell me she would annoy him at times. But why would he stick with her for 2 or 3 months if he didn't like her?
And when they broke up (he broke it off), they remained friends.
Is this possible?
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  • Yeah, that's the whole point of the dating period, to see if you have any feelings.

    • oh okay so it is possible that he didn't have any feelings when theyre dating for 2 or 3 months?

    • Easily possible. He might have had some feelings at the start, but he realised she was using him for money, those feelings drop away, if they are friends I doubt they are close friends.

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  • Um... I would never date someone I had ZERO feelings for that long :/

    He might have been desperate?

    • oh okay. why do you think he might have been desperate?

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    • oh okay yeh true, so its not possible for him have no feelings for that 2 months?

    • Ummm, not gonna say impossible... I know a guy who did... but I know he was desperate. I find it very hard to believe —I'll just say that :/

  • maybe the sex was good

  • without feeling no

  • In my opinion, he probably stuck around because he was still attracted to her and thought she might change. But I can also see why he doesn't like her anymore and just stuck around because he didn't know how to say good bye?

    Haha that probably made no sense. I am crazy tired.


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