He said he's done and can't take it anymore. Is it over?

My boyfriend is convinced that I still have feelings for my ex, (ex is his roommate and my friend now). I was mad at the now friend for trying to hit on my sister because I don't like guys I know trying to hit on my siblings.

My ex thought that my anger meant I still liked my ex but I was actually being protective of my sister. He said "I'm done and I can't take it anymore". He hasn't been responding to my messages so I'm not sure if he actually broke up with me.

I tried to explain to my boyfriend how I felt about him and why it didn't work out with the ex. And how he doesn't have anything to worry about. My friends keep telling me to give him time but I feel like it's over.

What do you think?

He finally texted back saying we'll talk. Guess I'll find out tonight.


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  • If he really likes you then he will come back around and the problems will be solved. He just was mad. But in some time he should come back around.

    • How long should I wait? It's been 3 days

    • You should text em and maybe just what's up and how he's doing. I mean if he sounds like he doesn't want to talk to you then just let him come back to you. Don't chase. Don't waste time. Just live ur life.

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  • Give him a little time without pressure. He'll come around.

    • Today's the third day of NC. How long should I wait?

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    • We managed to work things out after he finally responded today 😊

    • Yay💟 I Told u. Lol. 😊

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  • I guess you will...
    Just for the record... I love me a good break up :)

  • If you love something that let it go free it it was it will come back if it was meant to be

  • It's over

    • It's still over because on/offs never work. This WILL NOT go anywhere good

    • It's not off/on. There wasn't an off period. Just a misunderstanding.

    • Have fun with that

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