Could polygamy polyandry and other combinations or more than 2 in a couple work?

I think I'd go either way long if it was working for me. From the outside it just sounds a who lot more accommodating though obviosly requires a very different attitude.

in a regular relationship even if your needs and wants matched very effectively things largly beyond your control can change that such as very long hours working or medical problems causing a diminished sex drive or one loses their job and you struggle where as in a relationship with 5 of you just doing the house work is a 20 hour job and full time if you do admin though you might want to keep it part or 3/4 for training and applications.
you also have more options of what pepole will do in bed more spending power between you and ability to benefit from the economies of scale ie cooking takes just as long but feed more pepole.


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  • The way you described it kinda just took all the romance out of it...

    Personally, I could do it because I don't like to share. I really value intimacy, and only want to share it with one person :/

    • I tend to think of the practical sides early on
      i also value intimacy but just don't see why it has to be with just one person.
      and i know from uni and from renting that i enjoy liveing with likeminded pepole if i can find them.

    • I think there is the possibility that some people can legitimately do polygamy... but I think these people are incredibly rare, and that this can really only be successful with people who claim to polyamorour from the get-go... I don't think nonpolyamorous people can, how you say, "convert" to being okay with it...

      Even in the Bible, polygamy isn't really forbidden... but it isn't encouraged as a wise decision...

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