Just wants to date me but his showing me so many bad signs and I dont know what to make of it. HELP?

Ok, i met this guy and all was well. His said he only wants to date me, nobody else and we have agreed to it kind of. He asked if he could introduce me to his parents as his girlfriend so its somewhat serious.

He was involved with another girl before me but said he isn't going there with her and that they haven't spoken in months. He received a message on his phone from her saying "wanna fuxk" and then she said to ignore it. I dont know what to make of it at all because its odd for another girl to send that if they haven't been talking at all

Another thing i was snooping a little & noticed his still on all his dating profiles and his been active on them almost everyday yet his saying he only wants to date me and he sees me as something serious

Can someone please help to explain what is going on and if i should maybe cut him off.


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  • I think you have your answer. if he claims to be exclusive yet still getting some texts from ex asking to fuck when supposedly hasn't been I would say he's not telling you everything along with his dating sites. possible trying to maximize his sexual relations or fallback incase you don't pan out the way he is hoping. buncha red flags in my opinion

  • Many, many red flags. I say drop him.


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