I like this guy, and he's holding back liking me because I'm depressed. Please help?

Okay so all this started a few months ago. We started off as just friends, we went to a Christian concert together and it was really fun (with other people not just us) and I kinda started liking him then. Well then he got a girl friend and i was kinda upset but I was like oh well it's whatever. Then they broke up. then he suddenly started talking to me again and I was like hell yeah let's go! (I forgot to mention before he started dating that girl he told my friends boyfriend he thought I was cute) anyways we started talking like everyday and I started to like him more and more. We also hung out at youth group and actually talked in person so it's not just a stupid "text only" relationship. Also he knows I like him.. which really sucks. Apparently he could "just tell" but I was trying realllly hard to not make it obvious so... yay. He also told my friend who's trying to help me out and set me up with him that he thinks I'm pretty and stuff but he's not sure about me yet... well I was like um wtf what the hell does that mean? Turns out he's concerned that if we were to date, and he were to break up with me, that I might hurt myself and get even more depressed. Yes I am the depressed and I think I told him that like one time but I didn't go into any details but he asked what was wrong and I trust him so I told him. Pretty sure my friend who I talk to about my depression to has also told him stuff that could've influenced him. Anyway I'm just really struggling with this because it really makes me sad that my depression is starting to affect my relationships with people and how they look at me. It's really just been affecting me personally up until now. It means a lot that he's concerned and he cares but I'm just confused cause I'm getting mixed signals. yes I know I'm 15 and I know boys aren't everything and I know it's not important but I've never had a boyfriend and I really think this guy and I could work if we can get past this. any advice?

Um last night we were talking and all of the sudden I could tell he was horny.. and he was like truth or dare. I was like truth and he asked stuff like "have you ever wore a thong" after saying no he said dare and I was like send the most embarrassing pic of you that you have MEANING LIKE A DOUBLE CHIN. well he sent me a pic of his stomach but it was real close to his junk and his hand was over it. He played it off like "it's embarrassing cuz I'm fat" he knows I'm not into sexual stuff. what now


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  • It looks like he's made up his mind already but what you can do is show your good side to him (smiles, happy, fun, and other related feelings) and make him rethink his decision about you.

    • thanks for responding! I'm definitely trying to appear happier and I'm not sure if its working yet but let's hope for the best haha.

    • You're welcome! And that's great! I know it may be acting fake on your part but he just feels unsure about you after hearing that and he doesn't want to hurt you IF the relationship somehow were to end. That's a lot of responsibility and he doesn't want to risk it. I feel like him talking about the possibilities (what happens if you two were to break up) was kind of wrong but when someone thinks like that then they've convinced themselves that that was the only one. So it's nothing about your looks (you're good in that department) but personality wise is what it comes down to. I really wish you the best. Here's to hoping he takes a chance on you.

    • Aw thank you so so much!

  • I have bipolar disorder with depressive episodes only; not mania but I am good at creating relationships. That's just me. Try going to therapy.

    • I have that too, but I have mania as well. I have been to therapy many times and I'm better than i was a few years ago but I'm still struggling.

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    • thank you so much!

    • Your Welcome sweetheart 😘

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