Would you date someone who works 14 hours a day, but with a full day off she'd be willing to spend with you when you want?

i'm saving money so i need to put in the hours but i really like this guy and id like to get to know him better and ultimately romantically. i know people often only see each other once a week but it may be different if that i all i have available. its just dating though so maybe ok? would you?

we've known distantly each other a year and a half but friend-ish for a few months.
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  • At your age... relationships need time as most people are just starting off. Focus is usually on dating as it's just what we all think about when a teen

    • are you saying time as in going slow or time as in its not enough time that i have?

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    • Yes that does sound perfect...

      I know that with my girlfriends under 18 were mostly girls I went to school with... and we all were close friends. So I saw her everyday lol.. and weekends for years hahah

      but sounds good.. try it out and see how it works out :)

    • well depends what he thinks lol , but i will try :)

  • How long do you plan to continue working that much?
    I need a partner that will have time for me once it comes to the point of living together and having a family.

    • oh, well just for about 6 months... we might not even be in a relationship by then :)

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    • i think many people fid it highs stress. depends on your boss really. but i do love watching people.

      odd you can't get hired.. why do you think that is?

    • I'm big and look mean.
      Many adults that don't know me are scared of me when they first see/meet me.
      I work at an elementary school, and some of the parents that were intimidated when I am at the pick up area are surprised when their kids hugged me before they left. lol

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