Need some input on this... How Should I go about this issue?

A few weeks ago me and my girlfriend had some issues pop up and decided to have a *break*, for a while our relationship as friends was really bumpy and we honestly didn't get along for a good amount of time. But as the weeks have gone by, we both feel that our friendship is much stronger than it was prior to our *break up*. But were I am confused because she recently told me that she still loves me, and last night I asked her, How do you feel about our relationship. Which she responded in, "neutral, not bad not good..." then I asked, how about our friendship, and she said it is really good. Maybe I am looking too deep into this. I don't know how to follow up on this.


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  • She wants to play it safe. Respect the distance and the boundaries that have been set, then ask her again in the future.


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