Why did this girl avoid me for 2 months and then randomly meet me in the elevator and scream out 'It's been a while, I've been stalking you?

I met a girl at work and she would contact me 2-3 times a week through work chat, email and phone for 4 months for assistance. She even called me and asked if she was bothering me by contacting me so often. She offered me coffee and candy and but when I declined she got upset. She even met in the store and randomly jumped and screamed my name.
4 months later, On Thursday, she contacted me to assist her with a computer which I let her borrow so I sat next to her and we talked about work, school and she asked me where I lived and talked for about 30 mins. She asked me for my personal or number but I declined for some reason. I asked her to contact me the next day so I can assist her further.
The next day Friday, she sent me a chat with Hi Name. I would like to speak to you. Please call me at her personal cell phone number with a smiley face emoji. Since I was busy assisting somebody else, I chatted with her instead and helped her with the computer through chat.

The following week Monday, she contacted me and said she can either meet me or I can go to her to drop off the computer to me. I went up to her floor to pick up the laptop.

The next day Tuesday, she contacted me again to assist her boss. I helped her and she smiled and said thanks for helping me with the laptop. In the evening at 8pm that day, I texted her with Hi, her name how is everything going and she responded 3 hours 30 mins later at 1130pm with Hi, everything is fine. Is there something you need?
Update: The next day, she avoided me for 3 weeks.

Weeks later, she stepped out and looked at me but I put my head down. Later that day, she sent me an email asking me to assist her boss but I ignored her email.

For months, she didn't contact me and avoided me by putting her hand over her face looking down when I saw her across the hallway. I felt really down and upset.

Weeks later, she randomly saw me in the elevator and she screamed out “It’s been a while. I’ve been stalking you! In the elevator, I asked her a question and we walked out the elevator and I said See ya later but she didn’t respond.


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  • She is weird or likes attention

    • Thanks for your response.
      Are you able to clarify on your answer?

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