She said she doesn't want a relationship but I never asked her out?

A friend of mine after I asked her out to prom specifically asked if it was a date and then said she doesn't want a relationship since college is coming up soon. However, it doesn't seem like she friendzoned me. In fact, we have been close physicslly multiple times (no kissing or sex though). It seems like both of us would be a great couple and under different circumstances I think she would say yes to a relationship. How should I approach things and/or how do I make her attracted to me so that she would want to date me?


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  • She probably does like you but she is unsure if it is the right time to date you because of college.

    • So what should I do about it?

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    • Making her sexually attracted to you won't change her mind. Hell, maybe she already is. The fact that she is prioritizing and believes that she shouldn't date because she is starting up college should be a good enough reason for you to understand why she doesn't want to date. It isn't personal, she just needs to test the waters with college. I'm in college and I can completely see why she doesn't want to date. I haven't been dating either. Why? Because I literally have no time to sacrifice. My life literally consists of nothing but college and part-time work.

    • I'm literally doing homework as we speak.

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  • Just say it's prom. your going to be my date aka dancer to the prom. it doesn't mean we are in a relationship or anything. it's a friendly way to express our friendship.

    • I told her that and she accepted it. She is really excited. I'm asking more how I should approach things in terms of a relationship.

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    • Ok. So what should I do? Nothing? Waiting and see what happens? Try to make her want me and if it fails let things go? Make a move unexpectedly (basically kiss her when we are close, like after watching a movie)?

    • Have a shot at it. if you think it's worth it and it may make a impact even if she rejects you. it could make her think about it

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