Should I break up with him? I need help asap before I make the wrong decision?

I recently got into a relationship with a guy for about a month now. I'm a sophomore in highschool and he's a junior. I know he's had some really bad issues with his ex, as he says she was pretty emotionally abusive. I soon learned she kinda forced him into doing a few things, and i felt really bad for him. We haven't done... anything, really. haven't even held hands. The worst we've done is when he both got scared shitless when we thought we were stuck in a tornado at school and he instinctive put an arm around me when some tree fell over and scared us ahaha! I can't but help feel really awkward when he talks about his ex. He tries to be really vague about her with me, and in the beginning of the relationship he even tried to hide the fact we were dating. It was fine until one day we're both hanging out with our individual friends and i overhear one of their conversations. He was talking about how he and his ex had dated for a certain amount of time, a time that added up to being unnervingly close to when he asked me out, and how "in love" he was with her (finally knew her name from this). When he gets tired from us texting late, he always ends up talking about her, some stupid sex thing they did. I realized as i typed this that he's always told me how he was FORCED to do it, but when he explains it to me he talks about how much he WANTED to. What really hurts is when he finishes, and then gos on about how "glad" he is that im too "innocent" for that and he would "never" have to do those things to me. A mutual friend has said the main reason he went out with me was because i didn't do that stuff, because of how bad his other relationship like that was. In reality, im not at all like that! Not that i WANT to do anything, but IF i did, i would like the option to be there! I doubt i would, but i feel so unattractive and unwanted when he talks about it, im tired of crying about it but i just dont know what to do!!!


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  • what did she make him do?

    • I'm not sure! He's really vague and doesn't tell me.

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    • not about loving her

    • Well, that's bound to be brought up in the conversation, it always does when he ends up talking about their time together

  • You're under 18. You should be flirting with random hot guys and giving them stares and basically enjoying your teenage. Not this fucked up 'relationship'.

    • right? I do like him, but it's getting confusing

    • bail.

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