Staying friends after a few dates?

We dated for 2 months (5 dates) no sex (he wanted it badly tho)
2 weeks ago he became pretty distant, and said i deserve better. I said do you not want to
continue then, he said i do if you're fine with us going super slow (like 1 date every 3 weeks) I
told him i can't do this ANYMORE. he said i understand, but can we keep in touch and maybe
later we'll get back. I said no i never go back with exes. a week later i texted " by the way i don't mind being just friends" he said "i'd love that and i've missed u a lot recently" Okay! why would he say he misses me when i just said "only friends" ? Was it a mistake to stay friends with him?


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  • He not done with you, but you are. So it depends on how he goes about you two being friends. Neither he respects the friend rule or he going to constantly flirt/get back with you without being direct with it. Off of one message it too soon to tell either or as he could honestly just miss talking to you.


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