Should I? should we?

so two years ago I was dating this girl I really liked, we broke up because in all honesty I stopped being motivated to go out with her, or talk like we used to.
She has a twin, and she has a totally different and flirty personality, and I've always had a crush on her, even now. we used to flirt a lot, downside is, she always has a boyfriend. I don't know if anything could or even should happen between us.
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  • you just said it yourself she is a flirt and always has a boyfriend. I'd love on unless you want to be another number to her list

  • She has a boyfriend so I would say she's off limits so it'd be wrong to try to get her to be with you.

  • If this twin is very flirty and has a boyfriend a lot of the time. That's most likely why, I'd be cautious as she seems like the sort of person who has similar relationships with you, with a lot of people. If you want to stick it out, go for it but just be wary you might not be the only person, but one of several. Only you can know if you think she's worth it


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