Should I introduce myself?

Ok, guys and girls I've been going to this club for awhile now and I'll look at this guy and he will be looking at me when I look at him and then when like I look away and look at him he will be looking at me... it's like he wants to introduce himself but he don't know what to say. But one time there were guys hanging out with me and my friends at the bar and he kept looking at me and I felt like he wish it was him over there but obviously I don't know if he thought that. And also on my Facebook on the people you may know section he popped up! I don't know if I should add him or just ask him his name in the club? Guys and girls please tell me your opinion! I wanna approach him and go out on a date/talk to him something or add him on Facebook and message him? Please I need advice?


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  • Add him on FB. so you kinda have a reason to go talk. be like "Hey, I'm *** and sorry for this randomness so I added you on FB, I hope you don't mind. I feel like you be a cool person to chill with it"

    • Girl I get nervous when I talk to men! I don't think I could say all that! But I wanna add him on fb and send a message but then I don't want it to be all awkward in person. You know what I'm saying?

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    • Thatslol see I wouldn't know what to say is the another thing

    • I can see that

  • guys do appreciate when girls go out of there way to go ask then out / talk to them when they like them


What Girls Said 1

  • if you feel like doing it, just go for it.. you won't lose anything

    • True... I guess I feel like I'm gonna get rejected since I really wanna get to know him.

    • lolz you don't know that

    • I know I know

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