Guys, does he like me? Or still like me?

So he's 29.. 5 years older than me.
We had been talking for about 1 and a half weeks and then went on our first date which he picked me up and offered to take me out for dinner. We both had a good time and he messaged me after saying how perfect it was and that I am an absolute glamour. On our second date he asked me out for dinner again and insisted on paying again and I tried to shove money in his pocket and he said no. We had our first kiss after that date and he text me after saying he had been thinking about it a lot.
We talk everyday. He messages and calls every day and we usually talk in the morning then he'll message or call at the end of the day. He's made a few hints saying "I'm his nigga" (I'm white it's just a inside compliment we have) and has also said that despite me snoozing my alarm a million times it would be worth it. The last week however, we organised a date and he cancelled that day due to work but kept saying don't think I don't want to see you I do! He messaged me after work to see how I was. I've had to message first a few times this week but he replies within minutes. On Friday he text me in the morning saying to have a good day. Saturday night I had text him earlier that night a few emojis (he doesn't all the time) and he didn't reply but drunk called me at like 3am and we spoke for a little bit. Didn't talk yesterday and haven't spoken so far today but I messaged an hour ago. I can't tell if he likes me now?
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  • Either he lost interest in you or just viewed you as a friend. If he said you're his nigga, he's basically saying you're his friend or you're like a sister to him. But it really sounds like he was into you in the beginning but at some point, he lost interest & views you as a friend now

  • The only way to tell would be to back away and see if he keeps making a move on you. If he does, then he likes you. If not, then move on. :)


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