Are we just friends or does he like me more than a friend?

I`ve started going out with this guy for 2 months now, but I feel like I`m stuck in this grey area. We knew each other through mutual friends for almost 3 years, but never really talked. He had a girlfriend (4 year relationship) and I also had boyfriends during that time. He was the first to initiate contact a few months ago after I liked his profile picture on fb and found out that we have the same surrname. The conversation was flowing and we would talk everyday, so i decided to ask him out. We went out o few times, i stared to like him a lot, he told me i`m a sweetheart. On the 3rd date he brought me a present, a book that he thought i would like and at the end of the date he kissed me and told me he likes me a lot. We met the next day to see a movie, we kissed again, he seemed interested, but then he strated to pull back. We would not talk everyday, he stoped sending me music and all sorts of articles that he would find interesting, he did not have time to meet. I asked him and he told me he was busy and had to take care o some problems, before dragging anything in it. After 2 weeks of not seeing each other we met again, when he saw me he kissed my forehead and hugged me, he told me i`m cute. Then we met again, went out to eat and have a coffee, at one point he rested his head on my shoulder because he was feeling tired. We also talked about future plans, like going on a trip just the two of us or like how he will come see my exhibition in June, all of them initiated by him.
He told me about his ex, and the fact that he likes girls to be sweet and calm, not all over the place, and that he likes to be friends with a girl first. He also told me that i have a calming presence that he likes. Is he taking it slow or he just wants us to be friends? Does he like me more that a friend?


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  • He's probably taking it slow. He probably realized how much he liked you & didn't wanna mess things up. It happens. Sometimes in the beginning, things are moving fast for you to realize but when you do, you try to take a few steps back and slow things down. If he still talks to you, takes you out on dates, remains close to you; he definitely has feelings for you.

  • Maybe he was genuinely busy when he held back a bit. Id say give it some time... dont initiate and see if he initiateds.


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  • more than friends


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