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I'm an international student , I like being fitness, so I have been working out at a gym, I met a girl a couple of months ago, we had a short talking and then she gave me her phone and let me do something I forgot, we have been looking at and looking for each other a lot. I worry about my language to talk to her. We were looked each other while she was walking to me and laughing , she was blushing , but I don't know why that felt like someone put her underwear down in my thoroat, I couldn't say anything. Next second unexpectedly she talked with another guy, her movement is so nature and relax, maybe asked that guy's phone number, I never ever seen her walking like that before. She is shy I think (because I knew her a couple of months at gym) . I felt like to be hurt , should I ask or talk to her when I meet her next time? I don't know she was really interested in that guy or what? I'm so confusing now


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  • Don't think of her like she is the most amazing girl alive. She is just some girl. Talk to her, if she is interested cool. If she isn't that's fine, there are other girls out there. The more time you wait, the more nervous you will get.

  • If u like her go talk to her.. dont wast to much time


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