How can I fix things?

The guy I was casually seeing for a year and I got into a big fight a few weeks ago. He was being a jerk and I am guilty of that myself. He ended up ignoring my texts and calls for a bit and then sent me a message explaining that he gives up on me and since he is going to eventually move soon, there is no point in us still being friends...which is ridiculous!

I've kinda been going crazy and sending him a bunch of emotional e-mails and texts. I tried called a few times, but I think he blocked my number...

Part of the fight was about how I accused him of not caring about me- the truth is he does though. Yet, if he cared about me why would he 'give up one me' and think there is no point in being friends...also ignoring my pleas to him for forgiveness and to start over? He obviously doesn't want to...

What do I do? =[


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  • take a break, don't don't bombard him with messages,this will just give him more of a reason to push you away and stop wanting to speak to you. I would know becasue I did something simular.

    I suggest you respect him wishes and basically give him NO contact for a month or none at all unless he messages you, and if he does keep it short. Then slowly over time mend things, for right now you're both really hurt.

  • I think firstly you need to figure out why you are accusing him of not caring? ARe you just trying to stir up a fight because if so this relationship could just be really dysfunctional and it could be that both of you are not on the same page in terms of what you both want from the relationship.

    Calling him and e-mailing him over and over again consecutively willnot help, if you want him to talk to you you will need to give him some time. Both of you need time to think about what happened and think about how valid is it to be friends.

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