Should I just move on?

So it's kinda a long story but I'll keep it short as much as I can. So met this girl last summer lifeguarding at the beach. It was like a Nicholois sparks magical time, sparks were flying bla bla bla. Anyway by the end, summer was over along with our relationship. I'm in PA she's in NY. We didn't keep much contact until Christmas came around. The flirting picked up and she told me to come visit her. I did and we had an amazing time, went ice skating and held hands and stuff. Anyway before I left she wanted to talk and rejected me again. Said she's never been in a serious relationship and she's not use to someone loving/wanting to take care of her. I'm the complete opposite. I'm the guwey romantic who wants to make all these gestures and I told her I always come on too strong. We agreed to maybe meet in the middle or something to visit each other cause she said she needs to spend time in increments. After I left, I sent a bombshell text cause I was pretty emotional and it's been almost three months since then. She barley responds to my texts if I'm just checking in. She use to respond in minutes now it takes hours and most of the time she doesn't reply. Like wtf happened. I'm giving her plenty of space, I only text her every couple of weeks and I understand it's her senior year in college and she's busy but what the hell, you can't take 10 seconds out of your day to respond. I don't know if I should just compelty stop talking to her or just talk every now and then and see if things pick up again at the beach. I'm starting to think the nuc of a text scared her off so Im considering just maybe text her a couple of times before the summer. Cause I'll be like 5 minutes from her as opposed to 5 hours. I don't know what to do anymore.


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  • yeah if you want to


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