Do you think I'm being catfished?

1. He says he's looking for serious but not rushing.
2. He added me on Instagram but he has no pictures of his face. But he seems to have real friends.
3. He says his roommate ALWAYS cooks for him. Big on the gym too.
4. I asked his age and he didn't answer.
5. I asked if he's shy and he said yeah because we haven't met before.
6. I'm always planning something to hangout - he never does.
7. When I plan something he agrees and says he's down. Which is good but I'm still suspicious...
8. We've only been texting and that's it. For 2 1/2 weeks.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Ignore him and watch if he tries to get back to you...

    • I'm getting uninterested now though. He intiates everything but I'm bored. I want to text him saying I'm not interested in a pen pal friendship. I understand about not opening up to people online and he might be suspicious about me... but I have pics on my social, I'm trying to meet in person and see where it goes.

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    • Yeah, I agree.
      Only thing I know is where he works and he has a little sister and he likes to sell cat parts?
      Ill try one more time by being direct and see what happens...

    • Yeah..
      Give it a try directly and see how you go.. Good Luck..

Most Helpful Girl

  • wait why you texting a guy you never seen?

    • I'm trying to meet him.
      I wouldn't be doing it if so...
      seems like I'm more interested in meeting than him.

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    • We met online a dating website. He has pictures...
      I checked his Facebook and they seem to match them on the website as well.
      So he's not a fake person but I feel he may be hiding something...

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  • I don't just ask him one more time if he doesn't answers that stop talking to him and move on.

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    • Yeah, I know. He's just texting because he's bored.
      I'll just text him it's not going anywhere and leave it at that.

  • Try to Skype him


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