Does my boyfriends best friend like me?

okay, so i find us making a lot of eye contact, and we laugh a lot.. he's really nice to me and one time i got out of the car and little piece of my underwear line was visible when someone made a comment about it he laughed and said he didn't mind... also his dad had said "woah who is she and he said oh, thats (my name) , thats my buddies girl. over all i just get these different vibes from him. I've been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years we have been through a good bit together but i dont feel the same and i am over the constant arguing. im not happy. and everytime i see his friend i am happy, and i see so many good qualities in him and i wanna be with him in the worst way. but the other issue here, when i first got with my boyfriend i hooked his friend up with a friend of mine who i dont talk to anymore and cheats on him and treats him bad. i want to tell him how i feel about him but i dont know how to go about doing it. am i wrong? how do i go about doing this? does it seem like his friend is kinda crushing to or? to be real with myself i have always had a crush on him, when i first moved to this state i seen his friend on social media before i did him and i always wanted to talk to him but was to scared until i got to know him and seen how great he is... good idea or bad idea to tell him about my feelings? should i tell my boyfriend my feelings? what do i do?

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  • First off you should break up with your boyfriend. Your not happy and you are looking at other guys, his best friend.

    I usually say follow your heart, but not really for "homie hoppin" especially since you had a chance with him before hand and didn't take it and then hooked him up with your friends despite your crush you had on him before.

    As of right now I think you should keep it friendly. You have a boyfriend and he has a girlfriend. You interfering with that makes you a homewrecker. If he is unhappy or is treated bad it's up to him to leave not you drive a wedge between them.

    • okay well 1, thanks 2 im not a homie hopper I've been in my relationship for almost 2 years i just dont know how to end it i dont wanna crush him. 3 i didn't take the chance with him because i was scared of not being his type or good enough, he seemed like the type of person who went for preppy girls, later to find out he's very much like me. and i dont even consider it home wrecking because the girls he's with is young and immature and legit cheats in him daily. i care for him so i told him how i viewed her. and im not driving a wedge between anybody because i still my self dont know what to do

    • Ok cool. Good luck and do what you do.

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  • Probably Crushing on you Here, dear.
    Leave this alone. You have a Boyfriend. This guy is His Best friend. Don't lead him on to Believe you have any Feeling, this is a raw sort of Dealing.
    Think of it if this was You on the other End, my Friend. You are just Crushing and Mushing yourself.
    Good Luck. xx


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  • There is a universal truth amongst guys that dictates that you may not date your friend's girlfriend. It is possible that he is trying hard to friends with you for the sake of your boyfriend. Also when he introduced you he said that you are his friends girlfriend not just your name

    • i didn't know how to take it because i feel as if he kinda dropping hints but not meaning to just like the way he looks at me.. and I don't know when he said it he was like ohh, thats (my name) then he said i was my bfs girlfriend and when he said my name to his dad he has a huge corny smile
      i dont wanna sound like a hoe because im not i just dont know how guys are about dating eachothers ex they have done that before but maybe it would be different this time because I've been with my boyfriend for longer than a year

    • Ask a friend who you have noticed is good at reading people. It is possible that you are able to see the things proving your theory over the things disproved them.

  • well if you go after your boyfriend friend then thats cheating on your part no matter if its emotional mental or physical its cheating on him but if you feel you two are ment to be then dump the boyfriend then after a couple weeks approach the friend length of time depends on how good of friends they are

    • i wouldn't go after him until i am single and time has passed im not the cheating type, but I don't know if time would be enough, they have been best friends for like 8 years, and nothing going on his friend doesn't even know my feelings exist. its not even that i am jumping from guy to guy I've been with my boyfriend 2 years almost but he's cheated and all we do is fight and when i see his friend my mood does a 360, just being in his company, and cheesy this may sound but his friend seems more my type on a mental emotional level he's really easy going and down to earth and he never yells and fights and no matter how many times i try to fix my relationship u can't change a person who has anger issues.

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    • thank you very much !!

    • no problem

  • Well it seems as if your over him and he is definetly being flirty so yeah I'd say so that he likes you.

  • I little bit of underwear on show 😮😮

  • The lack of introspection just smacks me right in the face here. You've been with your boyfriend for two years and no longer feel the same? Does this sound at all familiar to anyone else here?

    Swapping your boyfriend for another will not change a thing but you, like most people, simply do not see it. Oh it will feel good for a while, his good qualities will shine at first but you will end up just as dissatisfied as you are now.

    So ultimately, what you do or do not do, will not make any difference. What you are seeing in the other guy is simply new butterflies, novelty, uncharted lands and due to not really knowing him, you are able to build up a much more exciting fantasy, and this fantasy reignites the chemicals that you used to feel on a daily basis with your current boyfriend.

    The relationship takes two to fail and it's a 50/50 thing BUT often the core reason why it fails and why you seek another is because you have a poor relationship with yourself. Fix that and everything else will fall into place. But doing so is much more challenging than any bad external relationship. The personal relationship people have with themselves is the leading cause of cheating, emotional cheating, crushes, divorces and looking for replacements.

  • Dump the zero. Go for the hero.

    • omg this made my day.

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