Too shy to talk to a girl and missed my chance?

There is this girl in one of my classes. It's the end of the quarter with the final exam only thing being left. I wasn't being very observant but I just realized like 1-2 weeks ago that this girl has been staring (crushing) at me quite a bit in class. I developed a crush for her to.

Like me I can tell from her body language that she's shy. The only interaction I've had with her is saying "you're welcome!" three times because she ended up behind me when entering the room once and leaving twice. Of course I know she's behind me so I turn around to look at her when holding the door open. The first time I did it, she looked me in the eye, smiled, and looked to the floor quickly while saying "thank you". The other times when turning around, she's already looking to the floor. I can also tell from my side vision that she stares at me and steals glances when I'm not looking and sometimes straightening her hair or putting her hair into a bun/pony tail. She also automatically starts blushing when I turn to look at her while she answers a question from the professor.

Well now I'm in a bind because there is only the exam period left. I don't want to ask her out because it'll cause a distraction before an exam. She's usually shows up 10 minutes early before class around the same time I do so I could introduce myself and ask her if she's ready or something? But this is definitely the last time I see her, we have different majors and we were only in the same class because our majors required this one class. Since I don't want to ask her out I do have her email. I'm thinking about possibly following up and letting her know that I'd like to get to know her while leaving my phone number or opening up the possibility of email correspondence.

I feel like I'm panicking about this? What do you all think?


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What Girls Said 1

  • If you are already panicking about something like that, give up already. I mean, you need to find ways to deal with your negative emotions, otherwise you will be scared your whole life.


What Guys Said 2

  • Just ask her if she would like to go get a cup of coffee after the exam.

    • It's not really going to work out that way because people finish the exam at different times and leave when they're done.

    • "Hey, I'm going to go get a cup of coffee after the exam. Would you like to meet me at Panera's [or whatever] at 3 o'clock?"

  • Be like girl I want you so bad my hands start shaking when I try to ask you out. That or I got parkinsens I'm not sure yet you know anything about parkinsens


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