What's a problem in the dating world that needs to be solved?

Really think outside the box here but think it's something that everyone or almost everyone has a problem with what's one thing in the dating flirting or gaming world that needs to be improved? If you could explain your answer so I can understand what you're talking about


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  • 1. People should start giving less of a fuck when they are being rejected.
    2. They should try being more honest towards the other person in regards to what they want.
    3. They need to address their issues in a direct way.

    • Rejection is a very hard thing for a lot of guys who suffer from approach anxiety to overcome. The only real way to get over rejection is to expose yourself to a lot of rejection which means going around and talking dozens if not hundreds the girls to desensitize yourself to it. I don't know what your experiences are and it seems to me like you're trying to say that men should simply Man-Up. If you take the time to really research approach anxiety you'll understand that it's a psychological issue and for a lot of men it takes time and patience to overcome its almost like being afraid of spiders

    • I wasn't talking about guys getting rejected lol. I was talking about guys and girls getting rejected. You simply assumed that I was talking about men for no reason.

    • Generally when someone mentions rejection in terms of dating or talking primarily about men. I didn't know women got rejected that often by men very surprising

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  • one thing i think needs to be chnaged is the way people treat each other while dating. just last week thewre were these kids at the dinner i was eating at and these kids were arguing over something.

    he got mad tossed some food at the girl and walked out i would have said something bit you never know with kids these days maybe its normal who knows lol but i would change that before these guys get
    hurt when they do it in front of the wrong person and there is nothing they can do about it.


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  • Men doing all the approach of females and gets rejected

    More women should put an effort into approaching men

    You know equality

    • Well I agree with you to a certain degree I think it would help a lot more if women understood how difficult it is for men to approach them. As you know women have very high standards and a crap ton of expectations of men and in most cases they see men who are afraid of approaching them as being weak and cowardly and not being real men. If there was some way when they could actually see what's going on in the mind of a guy who suffers from approach anxiety and the fear of rejection I think that would help improve the dating world like no other. Think about it the only men who are getting girls are the men who know how to approach women and aren't afraid of it and more often than not those men are douchebags

    • You sir are spot on.

  • Womens expectations and demands.

    • Lord thank you!! Yes!! Yes!!! They have all these demands and expectations of the guy but yet they don't even have half of what they're expecting

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