New girl is always saying she's not good enough for me? Bad sign?

I started dating a nurse about a month ago and a few red flags have popped up so far... she was really clingy at first then sort of grew distant REALLY fast. By the second date, she came to my place and admitted to me that she had unprotected sex with someone else two weeks prior. I didn't really want to have sex with her because of that and she got extremely disappointed. I ended up fingering her though and when I took off her tights, she wasn't even wearing underwear. She kind of smelled bad down there too...

She's also got a weird relationship with her mom - almost too close. Her mom drops her off to our dates and even went to Mexico with her and her girlfriends and they all spent time together at the bars, etc

It's been a month and she has been trying to change me a lot... asking me to start doing my hair different, etc.

She is curvy but I sort of like it, despite the fact that I am fit. I REALLY like her face too... Anyhow I don't know what to do anymore because she is always saying things like "I don't get how you find me attractive" or "In high school I dreamed of dating guys like you but I never felt I was attractive enough"

Her last boyfriend was a deadbeat, I should add, and he keeps on texting her even when we are together (I am pretty sure she is texting him back too)

Something inside is telling me to jump ship ASAP but I have a tendency to cut girls really fast and want to start working on something


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  • Yeah it is


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  • maybe she doesn't love you

    • Well obviously she doesn't - it's been a month lol

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