If a guy opens up his schedule for you and wants to meet on weekdays too, is there something more than just friends?

I dated this guy for a month, but he ended it suddenly, but wanted to be friends and hang out on the weekends - I've seen him almost every weekend since he ended it.

I think he got a bit jealous because I mentioned how I went for lunch with someone, and he kept asking questions about it and asking who I went with, where i went. He thought it was a girlfriend and I said no, it was a guy and then he went silent. He even asked if it was a date and I said just regular lunch.

Now all of a sudden he said how we can meet for dinner during the weekdays after work, but I know he's busy and works really far from me, and I said that he would be tired after work and he said 'Nono I'm fine, I finished at 5:30 and can always meet from 6:30'.- all of a sudden he is 'opening' his schedule. Even when we dated, it was only Saturdays we met. He always wants to hang out and if I'm going somewhere on my own like a gallery, he would say 'let me know if you need company' or ' I want to go with you and keep you company'

What is he trying to do? And why all of a sudden? He was the one that ended it and 'be friends', but he is doing more than that I feel - I don't even see my friends as often as I see him.


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  • No he might like you as a friend


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