Girl giving me mixed signals?

I've seen this girl glance at me a few times now. I sit a few feet to her left. She is shy and friendly but Me and her don't really know each other well.

This particular time, we come to our (college computer) class 10 minutes early & get logged onto the computers and whatever. I was logging on & I noticed she was sitting there for an extended period of time looking straight but not doing anything. I looked over at her and saw her looking out of the corner of her eye at me and the second I looked at her she immediately looked down. A few seconds later she started logging onto her computer.

After class in the hallway walking to our cars, she was in front of me and I walked up to her, said her name and got her attention. She looked at me held eye contact and had a big genuine smile on her face. I (awkwardly and without smiling because nervous) said to her that I saw her looking at me from the corner of her eye earlier. Her face never changed, she kept smiling and didn't look surprised that I said that. She looked away then quickly looked back and repeated what I said "I was looking at you?" I said yeah, she looked away then back and repeated me again "before class?" I said yeah, then she looked away/looked back again and said "I look around sometimes". That was pretty much it. I just said ok and didn't look at her (nervousness). We were pretty close to the door at that point, and she walked ahead of me, didn't hold the door open, and walked to her car. She didn't look back or around like I had made her uncomfortable or felt creeped out or anything. I saw her go to her car and she was just looking down like she was thinking hard.

Today, after a 12 day Spring Break I went to talk to her. I rolled my chair over near her & got her attention. She turned & looked at me, smiled & blushed bright red. I said to her "I wanted to apologize" and she said "its ok". The convo was maybe 40 seconds & she turned her chair back and forth and looked away maybe 2 times.


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  • She sounds shy and an over thinker. When she was not doing anything and just looking. She was thinking about something. She loved you calling her name and getting her attention. Most girls enjoy that attention and company. She even admitted to looking for you. Or you for her I'm not sure which. That means that she most likely likes you. After she got nervous and rushed off cause she paniced. That was a good sign. She was just really nervous from that conversation. It happens at times. That is good that you went and talked to her, good job using that to chat with her.
    Keep up the great work man it sounds like she really likes you. Those are not mixed signals. She is just shy and nervous it will take time for her to warm up and get used to feeling that way with you.
    I highly suggest asking her out soon. I doubt that you will get a no from her!


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