When should I start questioning us? Is he still into me?

I've been talking to this guy nonstop online/text/skype for the past month or so, we really hit it off and we were snapping each other all day, everyday. We agreed to be exclusive but we're not "official" yet since we're long distance atm while I'm in school but won't be come August (he even offered me to move in with him).

All of a sudden a couple of days ago he just stopped messaging me like he used to, his texts have become dry and when I told him I was trying to make him talk like he usually does he said he's just trying to keep to himself. He's going through a difficult time, a close family member is ill. I assume that's it but it seems odd to all of a sudden cut yourself off no warning...

Is he still into me? When should I expect him to get back to normal communication? I already told him I was there for him and if he needs to talk about anything or wants a distraction I'm always here... what else should I say?

And as bad as this sounds... when should I move on?


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  • I hate to say this, but have you ever met this guy in person? unfortunately there are a lot of guys out there that will say anything to a girl over the Internet... assuming that he's telling the truth, it is possible that he's going through a rough time because everyone copes differently. That being said, if you talked everyday, he sounds more like the kind of guy who would reach out to you then
    during hard times instead of isolating himself.

    • He still messages me daily but the conversation has really dwindled. He's been more into asking for deadlines for my placement than anything, which I find interesting. We'll see. His dad has seemed to recover since then, or at least he's not talking about it. And no, I haven't met him in person! Hence why I'm so conflicted in this

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    • Good for you, I wish you the best of luck :)

    • Thanks Matt21 :)

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  • He just needs time


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