Does it mean anything if she talks about her friends (see details for context)?

This girl and I have been hanging out for a few months now. We were friends, are friends.. we always talked about life stuff, go for walks, sometimes visit places. We're two attractive, likeable people. A lot of it is just talking for the sake of being around one another. It just feels good. We don't really make deep personal connections. I often think I should try, but think it's more likely that her and I started off friends and will remain friends.

Having said this, we hung out last week and saw one of her friends who looked at me wide eyed. I know she has had trouble with guys, and intuitively knew her friend was thinking 'oh my God, **** with a guy?' Thinking to myself, they are definitely going to talk about this. Now today, we hung out and she uncharacteristically told me about her friends. Any relation between these two events? Could it be she has thought about the idea of me and her being closer? Or nothing to read into.


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  • It doesn't mean as much as you think it does. Plenty of females share everything with their best friends.

    • Excellent. I'd love it if I were her best friend. I'm sure I'm not, but I just like being a bit of a companion for her. She's just so pretty my mind wanders down the path of wanting her for myself sometimes.

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