What does he mean by this?

I'm talking to guy online and I like him, but I have my reservations. He told me he isn't the average guy. What is he talking about?


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  • Yeah. He's bullshitting you. He probably intends to say he's not just looking for a hook up, but if he actually says that then he will be killing the chance to fuck on the first date. So... Basically he's telling you he's average

    • He knows nothing sexual is going to happen on the 1st date.

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    • Lol. I do not doubt you :p it's either sex related or he thinks there is something unique about him that is utterly generic. That's my take XD are you gonna go out with him?

    • Yeah I want to get to know him.

What Girls Said 1

  • He's trying to gain your trust by saying that. Like, he isn't a cad, player, etc.

    Except statistically, that's Bullshit, he probably is average. And he probably is a cad, player, etc.

    Basically someone who says "trust me" is the last person you should trust.

    • True I guess, though he is def not looking for sex. Could he maybe just have been hurt in past relationships and is trying to reassure me?

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