Have most shy girls in their upper teens and early 20s never had a boyfriend or been asked out?

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  • I was extremely shy. When I was 16, a guy was very interested in me. We saw each other every day for 2 weeks and I never held his hand, kissed him, or told him I liked him. He stopped talking to me to date another girl that through herself at him. Later on in life he reconnected with me and said he thought I didn't like him and he should have been more patient. I didn't have my first real boyfriend until 19 and that took forever to become official. We dated almost 3 years and after we broke up I barely dated anyone else. I'm not shy any longer and I've had fewer real bfs than anyone I know of. my shyness has cost me a lot of oppurtunities in life and I hate that I was so shy when I was younger.

    • See I like shy girls... but I worry about that same situation. What if there was a guy that she liked and they crushed on each other when they were young and it would be sweeter if they got together? I worry about that situation if I were to meet a girl my age like that and there was that guy in her past whom they never got that chance to date.

    • It happens. I personally never would date someone just because I used to like them. People change and turn out to be not the perfect crush your teenage self obsessed about. This guy was someone I'd never date presently. Same with all the guys i used to like. Lots of things change and I wouldn't worry about it. Gotta trust your girlfriend.

    • Thing is, I don't want a hypothetical situation like that to exist at all. Even if she chose to stay with me, to know that would be a sweeter outcome hurts.

  • I'm shy. I've had one boyfriend

  • Most shy girls I know had or have boyfriends. The irony? I'm extremely extroverted and I have still never had a boyfriend (I'm over 20 btw)


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