I am having terrible luck with women lately, am I doing something terribly wrong?

So I've been single for almost a year on the dot. I'm somewhat attractive 21 years old, 6'5" 205 pounds athletic with auburn hair and beard. Confidence is not much of a issue, but I'm not cocky by any means, quite humble actually. I meet women at bars, grocery store, work, college, and sometimes through one of my few friends. Its no problem actually meeting the women. Also, its always the same scenario. We meet, we can both sense that we're attracted to each other. I will ask her "Hey, would you like to go get a cup of coffee or lunch sometime?" Most times I get a yes, if not they have a boyfriend. But I wind up texting them either the next day or later that day. I introduce myself, I try and keep it interesting, then within 48 hours we will stop texting besides this one girl that I was seeing for about 2 weeks before her ex boyfriend of 4 years stepped back into the picture. So, my question is now "Is something wrong with me?" "Am I just running into the wrong women" "Are women my age really that into assholes that they would ignore someone that would actually treat them well?" I am genuinely nice guy that can keep a conversation up for forever. Anybody have any idea what is going on?


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  • You're running into the wrong women who have too many strings tying them back.

    Don't turn into a douche- that's not the solution. Keep your personality. A good way to meet women is college campuses in the library. Then you'll get a girl who most likely cares. (Not always)

    I know you'll hate to hear this, but just keep searching!

    • I believe I am too. I will never change myself for anyone unless I love them. I do not use women, abuse them mentally or physically, or play them. And I never will,. I'm trying to keep my head up so I can keep searching, it gets hard sometimes.

    • Good on you! You'll find a good girl who deserves you

    • I'm hoping she's right around the corner :P

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  • I don't know I get the same thing sometimes, its like its a one way street. Who knows honestly. I've thought about it a lot. Does it go both ways? Guy talks to girl and always talks to them first and hardly ever the girl initiates the conversation, is it cause she doesn't like you so you stop talking to her. Is she really not into you at all, or is she freaking out now because the guy stopped talking to her and now she thinks you hate her and never want to talk to her again so she never says anything. It's kinda like the center of a tootsie pop question, "The world may never now"

    • I think a lot like that as well, I tend to give them another "Hey, what's up?" to see if they're interested. About 90% of the time I never get a text back. It also may be the type of women I am talking to. I need to find better places than bars to find myself a woman. Keep in mind, I live in memphis but I'm very liberal and I do not have a lot in common with these women most times.

    • Hard to find one that can hold my attention more than 5 minutes. But yeah you just gotta keep at it, you may talk to 100 girls and only find you you can relate to and have a good time with. Then it may take 10 of those to actually find the one where you both feel the same way.

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