Does he not take me seriously?

My boyfriend of 7 months has taken me to meet his family at a Christmas event but I didn't meet his father , this Friday there having a family get together for his dad's birthday and my boyfriend hasn't invited me , I haven't met his father so it would've been nice to. My boyfriend says he hardly sees his mum and dad because of work and being with me but that's his choice I wouldn't come in between!' My boyfriend said he visited his dad the other day and his dad said to my boyfriend " you travel to
see your girlfriend but don't come and see me !" ... this has made me feel like I'm a problem,


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  • So you basically contradict yourself by asking if he doesn't take you seriously while you are also asking if you are the problem because he see you so much. I would definitely say he does take you seriously, but he probably has a reason for not inviting you.

    • Thank you maybe I am over thinking things

    • yeah I would say you are over thinking it. I know you would like it if he asked you to go, but if he hasn't then why don't you ask him if you could come. that would clear up some of the confusion.

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  • That doesn't mean he doesn't take you seriously. It means that he doesn't have to bring you along to all his family get together events.


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  • Does his father travel to see him?

    • No his father doesn't , he is retired and has all the sons and daughters running around after him and his wife , my boyfriend says he's a Moaner miserable old man

  • i take all girls seriously; try me for free now.


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