Guys, He stalks my blog but doesn't want to talk or see me?

hi, i went on a date with this guy once. before we met i noticed hits coming from his neighbourhood coming up on my google analytics page everytime hed go on my blog. he would go on it everytime we'd talk online + more. then we met, we had a good time etc. etc. and we talked online afterwards but he said work was his priority for this year and didn't want to have a relationship. i didn't react kindly and deleted him but he eventually spoke to me again, so i decided to give it another shot. anyways even though he seemed understanding of it all, he unfollowed me and hasn't replied to my messages.. yet he still goes on my blog and i know for a fact its him. what does this mean?


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  • That he likes your blog

    • haha but seriously the curiosity is a bit intense?

    • Let me put it this way. If I met JK Rowling and thought she was a twat, I'd still love Harry Potter

    • good point! but it's merely just pictures i like, like tumblr - not that interesting lol

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