I want to confront him about this but I don't know if it's a good idea. Thoughts?

This guy messed with my head for months and I decided to end it. We were never serious. Just friends with benefits. He started being inconsistent and only texting me once in a while but was avoiding meeting up, So I said well screw it. I blocked him from Facebook and deleted him from snapchat. He has added me back on Snapchat a total of 5 times. What is up with this? If you don't like me why do you need to see what I'm doing or what's going on in my life? I want to confront him about it. Or should I Just leave it alone?


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  • Most likely he is hurt. He have feelings for u but can't say that coz u consider him as sex only.

    :/ so he tried to move on but failed. And he is in confusion himself to talk tony about it and give it a try? Does he have a chance all that in his mind. One second he think there is hope the other one he knows there is no hope try to let her go.

    So that's why he act like that

    • So that's why he never initiates sex knowing that he can get it?

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    • Ok now we wait.

      1- he is an asshole and now he realized was playing with ur feelings.

      2- he is shocked and don't know how to reply maybe too soon for him

      3- he was playing around and now will run away.

      4- just busy or whatever excuse he might have for not replying.

      5- acting hard to get bla bla.

      :/ many possibilities good luck.

    • Thank you!

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  • Why do you care about he is thinking? It was just casual sex, right? . . . or was it more?

    • I don't care but I'd like to know why he wants to remain on my Snapchat and not talk to me at all. That's weird isn't it?

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    • Some people lie out of habit.

    • I asked him why and he claims to never know that he was deleted then Tells me he likes me and I'm a great woman. And now he won't text back.

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  • Personally I would leave it. What is confronting him going to achieve in reality? Most likely will just invite him back in for another few months of drama before this happening again.
    I'd put him out of your mind and move on lovely 😊

    • Should I block him from my Snapchat? I think it's creepy that he wants to watch my snaps but not talk to me.

    • If it keeps reminding you of him then I probably would

  • I'd say just leave it tbh. He was messing you around and is probably just doing the same thing now. Just move on and forget about him.


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