Guys and gals: Should I just give up?

3 months ago, I dated someone briefly after he flew to see me for 1.5 weeks. We separated after he went back home. not to mention, his work makes it even harder to have a relationship because he works in the cruise ship and he wasn't interested in working out the distance since he had a heartbreaking experience before.

He respected my decision when I cut him off completely but it took me by surprise when he messaged me last week Wednesday saying he has been thinking about me and hopes I am well. I responded to him with a statement, not really needing a response though. My iMessage went but it never said "delivered" I'm stubborn and don't want to re-send another or reach out it in another medium.

It has been officially one week, and I have not heard from him at all. I'm losing hope and tired of this. What do you guys think. Please don't just say move on and be more elaborating with your response.


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  • What is more important: maintaining your stubbornness or communicating with him?

    • This hit me... yes of course communicating... ugh what do I doooo

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    • You are welcome!

    • But yes I will keep you posted. I hope I have good news!! >_<

  • contact him any other way

    • I actually did just now on FB. Now the waiting game!! I hate this >_<

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    • Ughhhh. I have not heard from him yet at all! How do I know he's ignoring it vs he actually is busy and hasn't read it. Should I give this a time frame?

      On my FB that I sent, its still unread.

    • yaa you should.. bcoz there a big probability of hez busy

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  • I am sorry, but I think you should give up.


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